Upsetting the Apple Cart

Upsetting the Apple Cart CD from Offa’s Press
A collection of some of Emma’s performance poetry. This CD includes such poems as ‘The Art School Annual Picnic’ which laments the lack of women mentioned in art history books, ‘Judy’s Story’ a modern re-telling of Punch and Judy as seen in Emma’s ‘The Professor Vyle Show’, and ‘I was really only passing through’, which is a poem that includes the longest place name in Wales!

“These [poems] combine wry West Midlands humour with pathos to explore the excitement of Neighbourhood Watch, warn of the danger of crashing your car in Wales, and report on the downside of being married to Superman or Shakespeare – the lyingest knave in Christendom. The bravura wordplay of ‘The art school annual picnic’ and ‘Sometimes I can’t get going’ is balanced by poignant reflections in ‘How would it be?’ and ‘All over.’ In this world, the weather can go missing and a Wolverhampton woman may lose her mind. There are problems with men who forget anniversaries, untidy the house, shout things at ladies, feed the cat left-over curry, and escape like Houdini. Emma Purshouse’s poems are original, witty, passionate and warm, and she reads them beautifully.”
From Wolves Beat:

This CD is now completely sold out.

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