Poets, Prattlers, and Panemonialists prestent ‘Whose Round is it Anyway?’

Date: October 8, 2022
Time: 7:30 am - 10:00 pm
Location: Arena Theatre, Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton

Emma, Steve and Dave bring their new fringe show to Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton.  The first outing of the show at the Morecambe Fringe go them ‘Best Spoken Word Show’ and this review…

“This show was a real treat. On the surface, three friends having their first post-pandemic pint down the pub to share their lock-down experiences. In reality it was a sequence of very polished individual performances by three accomplished Spoken Word artists which were artfully blended within a setting of pub chat and banter. This light-hearted format gave the poets opportunity to reflect on both the humour and the sadness apparent in our culture during the covid pandemic whilst cleverly allowing them to expose some of the more poignant experiences of ordinary people. The poetry was exceptional, the whole idea was ingenious and the audience were captivated.” Lancaster Guardian

They’d love to see you if you can make it along.

Tickets are £10.  https://wlv.ticketsolve.com/ticketbooth/shows/873636025/events/129434723/seats?zone=Arena%20Theatre%20Seated

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