Wolverhampton Literature Festival and beyond

The Wolverhampton Literature Festival was a great weekend. I MCd the slam with Dave Pitt and Steve Pottinger, we ran a fringe room, a writers hub, as well as bring in our regular night from Walsall for its yearly sojourn to Wolverhampton. I also got to see The Antipoet and Martin Figura. In my role as Poet Laureate for the City of Wolverhampton I presented the prizes for the Young Poet Laureate competition which was a lovely event.

I was also invited to be part of the Overhear project which ran during the festival. It is a wonderful idea. Check out the concept here https://www.overhearpoetry.com/

Some of the city’s poetry community were asked to write specific poems about locations in and around the centre of Wolverhampton. We then recorded the poems and now people are able to download an app from Google Play or Apple App stores for free, before walking to the ‘pin’ and collecting the poem to form part of their library of poetry about Wolverhampton. Get the app here www.theoverhear.app

I got to write about Light House which is one of my favourite places in Wolverhampton. It’s an independent cinema with a lovely little cafe bar. I’m often to be found writing in their anyway so that was a great opportunity for me to create a poem about somewhere I love. If you’d like to hear the piece that I wrote then download the app and pop in to Light House to pick the poem up. It’s all a bit like Pokemon Go but with poems!

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